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Frequently Asked Questions

Will using CareCaptain change the way I interact with my clients?

Your clients should see very little difference. CareCaptain has the option to process a casual booking automatically - so this allows the first suitable carer to accept and their profile will be sent automatically to the client via email. So the only difference your client will notice is a 'confirm' or 'cancel' link in the email. All automatic emails are completely customisable so you can change them to how you'd like it worded. Clients can also reply to the automated emails and it'll go straight to your chosen admin email.
If you would like to CareCaptain to not send any emails to the client you can choose to process the booking 'manually', so no automated emails will be sent.

Can I use the CareCaptain admin backend on my mobile?

Yes, you'll have full functionality on your mobile and will receive notifications on important updates such as new booking submissions & carers accepting bookings. For instance, If you have a client wanting to book over a phone call, you can pop them on speaker, open up your CareCaptain app and submit their booking to your team.

How does the invoicing feature work?

If you take a booking/admin fee from clients, this feature will work perfectly for you. After a client has submitted a booking form they will be redirected to a payment page, where you can choose whether you'd like to have them pay the fee upfront or take their card details to charge them later.  You will also be able to create as many invoices as you'd like for a booking and add invoice line items.
Our invoicing feature is run by Stripe Payments, so you'll also have your own stripe account and dashboard so you can easily manage payments & process refunds.

When a booking is submitted, how does CareCaptain differentiate the suitable carers to send it to?

CareCaptain will only send to the carers with the suitable experience for the booking. When adding a carer into the system you'll be able to add their minimum child age, so they won't receive any bookings with children below that age. E.g. If the booking has a 1yo and 3yo - the booking will only be sent to carers with the minimum experience level of 1yo+.
CareCaptain can also has the option to add multiple locations.

Am I able to trial the CareCaptain app before subscribing?

You sure can! We allow new clients to trial the app for 60 days. In this period, we stay in close contact to assist you with any queries and put forward any suggestions you may have.