We bring together everything that’s required to manage your babysitter agency

Software designed for babysitter & nanny agency management.
An all-in-one booking, scheduling & client management system.

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Mobile notifications

Email & mobile notifications to keep both you and your carers updated.

Organise clients

Quickly search for your client by name to see their profile & bookings.

Streamline bookings

Select the 'automatic' booking option to have CareCaptain send the profile of the 'first accepting carer' to the client via email.

Create invoices

Take booking fee payments & create invoices for bookings or nanny placements.


Easily download spreadsheet reports of your bookings & clients.

Tag carer groups

Tag your carers however you like, & offer bookings to different tag groups.

Mobile & desktop app

Use your admin account on both your desktop & mobile.

Multiple locations

Add multiple locations to differentiate teams of carers & clients.

website form

Embed your CareCaptain booking form on your website, so bookings come straight through to your dashboard.

Email Templates

Customise your email templates in your own style, so your clients see no difference.

Calendar sync
for carers

Carers are able to sync their CareCaptain bookings to their Google Calendar or ICal.

Nanny placement dashboard

Offer nanny placements to your team, get replies and invoice clients.

60 day free trial.

During your free trial we'll closely work with you to help you get set up & answer any questions.

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Notify your team of incoming
bookings & nanny placements

Your carers will have their very own CareCaptain mobile app, that allows them to:

Accept or decline bookings
See their past and upcoming bookings
Apply for nanny placements or temporary placements
Get email notifications
Be notified about booking updates & cancellations

Casual Booking Process


Client books via your own website

Your own CareCaptain casual booking form is embedded on your website, so clients can easily book as per usual.


You action the booking & send it out to your team

Select either the 'manual' or 'auto' booking option, then send it out to all qualified carers or select groups.


Your sitters are notified of the new booking

Only sitters that are qualified for the booking with regards to their experience level will be notified.


Your sitters
accept or decline
the booking

As simple as that.


The profile of the accepted sitter is sent to the client

Scroll down to see what that looks like!


Client clicks
confirm or cancel link

The carer is then notified & the booking will be in their 'confirmed bookings' tab.

Customise your email templates to your liking.

This is the email that is sent to client after a carer has accepted the booking - this can be automated or manually sent by a click of a button. It allows them to click the confirm or cancel link - which will trigger CareCaptain to notify the carer & update it on your dashboard.

Charge booking fees & create invoices.

We've integrated with Stripe Payments to allow you to take payment of booking fees & create invoices. You can choose to take upfront payment or charge the client after you've found a sitter.